5 Ways to Living Free from Your Ego

We are all living in pure enlightenment,

it is just the dark clouds of the ego that keep us in darkness.

Does it seem like no matter what you do or practice, you feel negative thoughts, words, actions, or memories creep up in your mind? This is because 85% of the entire world lives completely in their ego. By ego, I mean living with thoughts and states of consciousness of shame, guilt, grief, fear, anxiety, depression, thinking thoughts such as, “I'm not good enough, I don’t deserve that, I hate myself for thinking this way, I will never have that because of ______,” OR on the other side of the spectrum thinking, “I am better than everyone else, I think that person is overweight, I hate that person, I cant believe that person did ____.” All of these thoughts are the ego, weather we are aware of it or not, and the ego always wants to win. Have you ever noticed those days when it just seems like a complete downward spiral of unfortunate events, which started with a negative thought, or the feeling that everything is just crap for me today! Or, "I just feel like I am stuck and in a funk in my life right now." That is our ego winning. The ego wants you to stay in fear, then if you come out of fear, it wants you to stay in anger, or pride. It wants you to have flare ups and use your fight or flight response. It does not want you to move into happiness and peace. This is why it can seem challenging at times to always be happy. Here is a common scenario that you may have been in: You wake up and you are really mad at your partner because he or she did something that wasn’t perfect (in your eyes). You hold this frustration, as you feel like you just cant get over these thoughts. Then if the other person says, “Fine, have it your way, I'm out of here,” you then become so engulfed in fear and anxiety, as this is not what you wanted, you just wanted an apology. Then your partner is filled with fear as well and doesn't want to be alone and comes back to you and you regain anger because you feel you don’t want to be with someone in your life who is only with you cause they don’t want to be alone. The ego is winning again and again. This entire situation took place because of the ego feeling something in your life was not perfect, and the spiral began. Life doesn’t have to be like this! You don’t have to live with thoughts of fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, impatience, shame, guilt, etc. You don’t have to be ruled by your ego. Once you create a shift in your thinking, you will change the vibrations/energy you are attracting into your life, resulting in more wonderful experiences. Here are 4 ways to step out of the darkness of the ego and allow your higher self to shine through: 1. Intention – set a daily intention by asking your ego to please step aside. You can be thankful that your ego has gotten you to where you are in your life, but you are no longer needing it. Then ask for you higher self to shine through you, especially when you feel you need it most, to regain your awareness and live in peace, happiness, and harmony. You can do this by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, set an allowing mind set, and say something like, "I let go of this experience as it is no longer serving me, (meaning the area or state in your life which is bothering you), I chose LOVE (or if you like, opposite of whatever you are going through)."

2. Let go – let go of the need to control all situations, scenarios, things, and people. You can not change people, as everyone is on their own spiritual journey, and the more that we can accept and enjoy the wonderful things in our lives, the more ease and stillness you will find, leading to a happier healthier you.

3. Self Talk, self talk, self talk –always be a master of your mind and dethrone from your ego by continually practicing self talk. You are good enough! You are worthy! You are beautiful in every way exactly how you are! Be patient in the life you are in, as every challenge is an opportunity to grow. If you can, try to catch your negative thoughts right when they come up and change them by thinking an ISS Statement (I'm so sorry). When you feel yourself thinking something negative about yourself or someone else, possibly about your current state or a past memory, say in your minds eye “I'm so sorry I thought _____, I am so grateful that ______." (and really think of something you are grateful for regarding the situation, even it is very small) This will start a major shift in your life, as you will no longer be attracting the same negative vibrations into your life. Also when you think positive thoughts, (as they are so powerful) they even change the collective consciousness of everyone around you! Same with fearful thoughts. Hence the reason that Canada is such a safe and happy place to live compared to Haiti or Afghanistan, where fearful thoughts surround everyone. Your thoughts not only change your life but everyone around you too.

4. Live your truth - When we live and speak our truth, it brings us out of the ego and into Courage which calibrates at 200 (on Dr. David Hawkins Map of Consciousness). It is not always easy to speak from our intuition and actually go with our gut feeling, but the truth will set us free from the gloom. Have courage to say what has been bugging you for years, these thoughts are there for a reason – so that you can express yourself, learn, grow, evolve and rise up above the clouds!

5. Allow for endorphins to rise - by doing yoga, running outside, stretching, pilates, or whatever you enjoy which increases wonderful hormones to the brain, do it. But when you do it, hold an intention before your practice and during your practice, to allow for healing to take place. Allow yourself to let go of fighting the experience, and step into it with peace. Surrender, as your innate body intelligence knows how to heal itself. This can be really powerful for releases to take place, so welcome the tears if they come. Do not shy from them. They are apart of your release of stagnant energy and apart of healing. Also allow for unconditional loving light and energy to enter your body, going to your heart space (center of your chest, heart chakra, generally an emerald green). But be gentle on yourself, and do not hold expectation for a outcome.

Happiness can be right around the corner,

it all starts with you and your thinking.

When we make changes internally in our thought patterns, big changes happen externally in our life, all around us. It may take courage, you might have to take some risks, but it will all be worth it when incredible transformations start to happen! You can start living who YOU really are. You can start living your destined path. When you do, you step into living a life filled with love for everything & everyone, the little things don't matter as much any more, your mood is lifted and calm, your priorities totally change to doing the things you love to do while spending time with the ones you love, and you are filled with a ease and peace for living, all which are flutters of pure enlightenment. Ahhhh sounds pretty good to me!

Enjoy your healing journey and each stage, as when one dark cloud moves away from the other, you being to see the light.

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