What is your body trying to tell you?

We have been conditioned in our society to think that pain in our bodies is merely due from either over use/under use, stress, injury, disease, etc. But what if there was a deeper meaning behind our pain? What if the Universe was trying to tell us a message through our aches, pains, sickness and disease? Almost like a sign that we are not living our truth. That we are not living the destined life we chose for ourselves. Like the pain is a way of guidance, to really get our attention.

Julia Cannon, the author of Soul Speak - The Language of Your Body, explains that each of us are spiritual beings, who chose our specific lives, including our challenges and hardships so that we can grow & evolve from these experiences. On these interesting journeys, it is easy to forget who and what we really are and why we have placed ourselves here. "Our higher selves are constantly communicating with us to help us stay on the path we have chosen for our growth. One of the easiest ways to get our attention is through pain, so that's why it is used. When we learn to communicate directly with these areas of the body, we no longer need the physical messages."

Below are a few of the main pain areas in the body and the messages uncovered for each of them:

Shoulders - "Since the shoulders are the joints to move the arms, pain in this region has been shown through sessions to be there is an imbalance in your giving and receiving. Since the arms are about receiving, accepting and embracing, when you give more than you receive or vise versa, an imbalance is created and thus the need for a message."

Back - "Carrying a heavy load and not feeling supported."

Lower/middle back - "Not feeling supported."

Upper back, neck & shoulders - "Carrying other people's problems, feeling like you have the whole world on your shoulders."

Legs, Feet - "These move you from place to place. Any issues with these indicate not moving in your desired direction. Resisting movement in a different direction. It is probably something you have wanted to do for a while, but are afraid because it will mean much change and will require a stepping out of the comfort zone or a change in lifestyle. The left side indicates something from the past is holding you back. The right side is something from the present - now (stepping out, stepping forward, taking the first step)."

After you have analyzed the message which is shining through you in an uncomfortable way, notice what your 'intuition' is telling you. Are you feeling a pull to go in a different career path? Are you constantly doing things to please other people? Do you feel you are living the REAL you (your truest self, without any falsehood)?

Once you felt like you have evaluated your message, you then can ask and allow for your pain to go away. Bring yourself in a meditative position or sit/lie down so you are comfortable. Close your eyes and take four deep breaths, while bringing yourself into the present moment. Notice the air moving effortlessly in and out of your nostrils. Surrender by seeing a powerful, calming, palpable white light coming down into your body, weather this is through the top of your head, directly into your heart space or up from the bottoms of your feet. Direct this beautiful loving energy into your pain area in your body. Allow for this energy to spin and glow in this space, renewing and healing every cell in a way where you can feel all the hundreds or thousands of cells in this area starting to move faster and faster, working simultaneously to bring blood to this area.

You may even want to feel a set of hands wrapping their gentle touch on the pain, adding more healing energy. Then either saying out loud or in your minds eye, the words, "Thank you for this pain. I am so grateful that I experienced this pain as it allowed me to see the light in my life and bring me back to my best path. I am no longer needing the pain and I chose for it to be released." You may then see and feel dark energy lifting out of your body. It may look like waves, or bubbles, or little specks, or dark liquid, it is totally up to you (and the wording can be whatever feels right to you, but remember the Universe is very literal, so saying you want something may never happen as you will always be wanting it. You chose for it to happen.)

You can practice this releasing technique just the one time, as it can be very effective, or multiple times, possibly daily if you like, until you start to feel a shift or have the pain leave entirely.

This can also be done with any state of consciousness or emotion, including fear, anxiety, grief, guilt, anger, shame, etc. Just notice the state, bring yourself in the present moment, and release. Inner healing can take time, so be patient with yourself. Just like life, it is not a race, it is a journey. And as my mentor says, "remember the 4 P's: Practice, Patience, Persistence & Payoffs!"

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