Prismatic Love

Our bodies are a loving prism. When the Universes' powerful light shines through it, it expands and shines into many state of consciousness.

The Universe, Source, God (whatever feels right to you) continually gives us powerful abundant and radiant white light, (also known as life force energy), and we decide how we want to transmute this light.

What colours do we want to shine onto ourselves and others? Do we want to shine love, kindness, peacefulness, gentleness and faithfulness? Do we want to be filled with joy? Do we want to feel a sense of self control? Do we want to feel patient all the time?

The power of Source's light is unconditional love and how we open the door for its arrival and accept this light is through intention (or prayer), meditation, and gratitude. It is always avaible to us, just like God's love.

If you would like to feel what life force energy feels like, try this little exercise...

Find a quiet place and put your finger in the air. Now close your eyes. Bring your awareness to your finger and only your finger. Can you feel your finger nail? Can you feel the hairs on your finger? Can you feel the blood moving in your finger? Can you feel the bone? Can you feel the cells moving in your finger?

Notice what you feel. Is your finger warm? Is it tingling?

If you are feeling these sensations you are feeling life force energy! You are feeling God's love! And its that easy. Now what to do with this incredible love?!

It can heal your body, calm your nerves, sooth your temper, or achieve your desires. Maybe you want to have a day with no anxiety...before you go to sleep, as you are lying in bed, bring your awareness to your entire body, just like you did with your finger. Then set your intention, "thank you God for a miraculous day tomorrow, as I am filled with a sense of calmness all day." See in your minds eye how your day plays out, full of peace and relief that you had a wonderful day.

Perhaps you have a big event coming up, an interview, or are building a house? Ask the Universe to shine its incredibly powerful white light on to this upcoming day. And when you ask, don't just say 'I want', as the Universe is so literal. You chose your happy ending. Also by saying, 'I am so grateful for this event going so smoothly and effortlessly,' will allow for the Universe to think it has already happened, smoothly and effortlessly. Really imagine the entire interview going so well, full of confidence and a knowing of the best answers for each question. See the end result of the house, and how much fun it was to build and how grateful you are to see its beauty in front of you.

You can also use this loving energy to heal yourself and others. Maybe you have a cold and really need it to pass quickly? As you sit in a chair, or lie in your bed, bring your attention to you body. Allow for the energy to run up from your feet to your head, down your arms, and into your hands. Then hold your hands either on your sore throat, headache, or tummy ache. Hold an intention (or mantra) in your mind, 'I am happy, I am healthy' and repeat this over and over. Actually see and feel yourself getting better. You may want to even see yourself feeling 100% the next day, waking up and feeling shocked that you feel so incredible! Use your imagination, it's really endless when it comes to healing. When we see the future going a certain way, we change the vibration and energy in the universe, and attract different circumstances, leading us to our desirable results.

If doubt and fear arise, just allow them to float away and set the intention for your faith to grow strong. God will always be faithful and will always love you, which really means you love you, as you are an expression of God! You are a piece of that light, and this is why we can heal ourselves and others! This is why whatever we think about comes into our life, the good and the bad! This is why when we are good, loving, giving and caring, more wonderful miraculous surprises come into our lives! Because we are a piece of the almighty power! And so is everyone around you.

This incredible light grows in our souls, and shines in our hearts. If you are able to step outside of your comfort area and try something new that will allow for this prismatic loving white light to grow, Source will never fail you. This is the beginning to a close spiritual connection with yourself, others and most of all ... God. This loving warm connection will bring you the utmost happiness you could ever imagine and fill your life with purpose and meaning.

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