Heal, Balance, Evolve


Energy Healing helps to restore the body’s natural ability to heal and

create balance.


Energy Healing works with the energetic, physical and emotional aspects of the individual to address imbalances on all levels.

Reasons you may want to experience a session:

  • Reduce back pain

  • Realign bone structure

  • Balance organs, glands and systems

  • Reduce muscle aches

  • Heal injuries & burns

  • Clearing emotional blocks

  • Relaxation & better night sleep

  • Decrease overall anxiety

  • and so much more.


It is holistic in its approach and works with not only the symptoms an individual experiences but the root cause of the imbalance as well. 

Science today is showing how powerful not only the body is at healing itself but also the incredible potential the body has to heal itself when it is combined with life force energy and intention.

We are beginning to see unbelievable energy healing success stories more and more, which are not only astounding the patient, but also physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and a host of health professionals.


Many people try an Energy Healing modality after they have tried everything possible in Western Medicine and have unsuccessful results.  Although to save the patient countless hours and dollars, it is ideal to try the power of life force energy combined with your innate body intelligence as soon as you see or feel symptoms arise. People who also have a nagging feeling that something in their life or body mind is out of balance or they feel like they are struggling within themselves and their environment, usually find an Energy Healing modality at the perfect time for them. The fact that this information is in front of you could be the sign that your body mind is ready to heal and experience growth.



You and the practitioner will complete a client history form that outlines the areas in your body that you would like the session to focus on. This will not only help the practitioner monitor your progress, but also to give you the peace of mind that your session is completely confidential. Once you have asked any questions you may have, the practitioner will have you either stand for a body alignment or lie on a massage table, gently placing hands over or above the troubled area(s).   Loving and healing intention will be focused on at the beginning of the session and throughout. During the treatment please explain any shifts, emotions, or movement of pain in the body, as this is helpful to the practitioner in the healing process.  


This depends on the recipient.  As pain and disease is associated with unloving thoughts including hate, revenge, jealously, pride, anger, fear, anxiety, shame, or guilt, pain is possible to enter the body again to allow for learning, growth, and evolution.  To allow for maximum healing, it is most beneficial for the recipient to go back to a time before they had the pain and think of what emotional trauma they were going through.  This could be an indicator of the life lesson the recipient needs to learn from.

(research from Dr. David R Hawkins, MD, PhD, experienced Clinician, Scientist, and Psychiatrist as well as highly regarded Spiritual Teacher, Author, and Lecturer)


"I began seeing Amy for Reiki sessions with the intention of reducing anxiety while increasing mental focus and energy. I went into my first session a bit skeptical, but instead had the most profound experience! I left feeling as though an incredible weight had been lifted and I had been infused with hope and calming energy. Amy is so positive and genuine; you can’t help but leave feeling a million times lighter than when you came!”  

Char Roberts - Owner & Creative Director at Crush Design

"I had just fractured my humerus only days before and was in a lot of pain and discomfort when Amy introduced me to the idea of energy healing.  Amy conducted a session focused on the healing and recovery of my right arm. Being a massage therapist myself I was unsure of what to expect from the session. After only a short period of time I was pleasantly surprised when the pain in my shoulder had reduced significantly. I had an increase in my range of motion and my pain went from a 7 to a 1!!  I could not be happier with the result from our first session together and look forward to following up soon!"

Sharon Vargas - Manager at The Spa at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort 

"Absolutely Incredible! I experienced a powerful tingling energy, taking my pain from an 8 to a level 2! Amy truly has a gift. 

Her method of quantum energy breathing and the sound of her voice brought the most genuine feelings of love, warmth and healing in our long distance healing session.  My knee was extremely sore and swollen from an exercise injury. I was unable to walk up stairs, and could not apply any weight to it without experiencing an intense sharp pain.  After a 30 minute phone session, I tentatively got off the bed to apply a small amount of weight on it. To my surprise, the pain was almost gone. The swelling had gone down. I was able to walk with just a small discomfort. She gave me wonderful tips for self healing, and each day I practice the continuation of the energy healing process. My pain has subsided immensely! I met with my physician and he was very surprised to see the progress!  I cant say enough about her healing energy methods, they are truly remarkable!"

Charlene Schumacher - Owner & Principle Designer at Fresco Interiors Design Group




I’ve found my calling! 
I have always known my whole life that I wanted to help others but I just didn’t know how or which avenue.  When I went for my first Reiki treatment while I was pregnant, I had such a wonderful experience including colours, images, and symbols.  The most memorable part of the whole experience was meeting my baby boy.  He was about 1 years old, stumbling while he walked, pointing outside with the beautiful life force energy all around him.  His hair was light brown with a wavy curl and he was full of curiosity and wonder.  I just knew I was having a boy and that I had just got to see a peak of the beauty that was about to enter my life.
Since that day, I knew that I had to look into Reiki further.  Following the birth of our son, I have completed my Reiki Level I, II  & III/Master Courses, as well as my practicum. 


Soon thereafter I reached out to a Quantum Touch Certified Practitioner, for a treatment on my right knee (meniscus tear).  I had a very powerful healing session which left me with much less pain then when we started.  This really had my attention, so I looked into Quantum Touch further and finished the Level 1 Workshop. 

The workshop was so incredible, something I have never experience, and totally mind blowing.  This modality has changed my life forever, filled me with so much love, and has intensified my connection with Source more than I could of ever imagined.  I am truly grateful for this life and feel extremely blessed and honoured that I am able to help all kinds of wonderful people unwind, find meaning in life and reduce issues & pain they may be going through. 

I have completed all requirements and have become a Certified Quantum Touch Practitioner. 



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